Ibrahim Altaweel

Privacy is not about having something to hide.

Privacy is about having control over your personal information.

It is up to YOU how little or how much you share about yourself.

Protecting your privacy is a giant 🖕 to trackers.

Don't buy into snake oil.

Encrypt as much as you can.

It is nearly impossible to remove your information after it is posted on the internet.

Don't voluntarily give your personal information to trackers.

Delete old accounts that you no longer use.

Remove your data from services that do not respect your privacy.

Protect your privacy because you matter.

All tools have one thing in common: they all are man-made.

Use a tool like Fakena.me to generate plausible fake personal information.

Keep your system & applications up–to–date.

Adobe Flash is a privacy/security disaster.

Blend in.

Never trust a computer program with your freedom.

Don’t be the low-hanging fruit.

Practice makes purrfect.

Use end-to-end encryption as much as possible.

Won't log =/= can't log.

Won't sell you out =/= can't sell you out.

Block trackers, use uBlock Origin.

Sharpen your social skills.

Make offline friends.


Develop a realistic threat model.

Don't overdo it.

Go outside. Nothing is real here.

Sometimes it is best to hide in plain sight.

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